What a year 2020 was. Short version.
80 foot oak tree fell on house May 3rd. City condemned it. No idea what was in store. I had Travellers insurance for 15 years so I thought it wouldn’t be that complicated to get the house fixed.
I learned otherwise. I won’t go in to detail about the bad experiences with contractors and rental homes and motels and 10,000 phone calls to Travellers for 6 months.
My old friend Jon Mabe FINALLY reached out in late September and asked if he could help with getting it fixed. YES PLEASE!
Enter Danny Johnston and Johnston Property Services. Jon..Josh..Phillip and Danny took over and helped me deal with Travellers to get it headed in the right direction. 3 months later the house looks like a house again. I cannot say enough how good they were to work with. The work is first class and the people doing the work everyday were first class. Please call these guys if you need any remodeling or restoration on your home. They handled it all. Insurance paperwork...plumbing..electrical..permits..inspection after inspection and they let me ask questions without talking to me like I’m an idiot. And they kept the job site unbelievably clean. Thank you JPS for all the help.
(Anybody want to buy a like new house?)

- Michael White

"Thanks for your professional workmanship and professional workman"

- Vaughn Christian